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Green flowers


Who would have thought green flowers can be so pretty?











Shop Wonderland – A trip to the nursery and floral arrangement class


We attended Shop Wonderland‘s floral arrangement class with a trip to the nursery. I felt that the visit to the nursery was important as learning how to pick flowers based on type of arrangement and budget was a necessary element to the foundation of floral arrangement. Many times, after I’ve attended a course on jewellery making or linocut print, I end up not continuing my newfound hobby as I’m hopelessly lost at the materials purchase process.


Shop Wonderland, located at Haji Lane, is managed by creative director Melissa. She’s a friendly and nice lady who’s very patient with us while we skipped amongst the flowers. She brought us to one of her preferred flower suppliers at Tampines and introduced us to the owner. She then taught us what type of flowers to look out for to form our bouquet, and was on hand to give us tips on what to pick and what not to pick.

My knowledge of flower types is pretty limited to the usual rose, carnation, gerberas or orchids. That day, my vocabulary expanded to include Anemone, Ranunculus (now my favourite flower), Hydrangea and Brassica.


Here is the cold room at GG Fresh Flower at Tampines. It is as cold at 7C so don’t forget to bring a sweater!

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OH! Joo Chiat



It’s been almost two years since the last Open House art tour that we attended at Marina Bay. This year they decided to bring it to Joo Chiat, an area known for its good food, shady night life and heritage shop houses. When I learnt that this year’s tour will take us around the architecture of that area, I jumped at the opportunity to go.



We met at Tembeling Road, in front of the Haig Girls School compound, before we went on a route that brought us around the Joo Chiat area. Across the street from our meeting point, they hung a series of drawings and paintings by local artists about Joo Chiat, be it the man himself, or buildings and influences from the area. Next to the building, they squeezed in a boat that was long ago purchased by the owner for a mere $300 because it didn’t work anymore. The artist posed a question, if you were to live on this boat forever, just like Noah’s Ark, what is the one thing you would bring? Written suggestions were tucked around the boat, from essentials like Mars bars to “thoughts that are priceless”.


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Must see Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum


When in Amsterdam, you must go to the Rijksmuseum (pronounced as Rakes-museum), which houses a large collection of Dutch art and history, from Vermeer to Rembrandt. Unless you’re the uncultured sort that prefer to go swimming at the Heineken Experience.



The Fog threatening to eat up art and history too.




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A little Norwegian wood music fest 2014

little norwegian wood

A Little Norwegian Wood – Sound of the spirit wind – is a local indie music festival held in Pai. In its second year, it features local musicians from Chiangmai who travel to Pai to show off their amazing musical skills. The little festival is indeed little, with no more than 150-200 attendees at one time. There is a low stage in front where a dream catcher hangs from a big tree, and buntings hang from tree to tree like a trade fair. The Pai community is here and we spot familiar faces in the crowd; the two American women from the Mexican cafe Cafecito earlier today, Lek from the cat cafe Rhan Lek Lek, who recognizes my husband and waves at him in welcome. The audience sit on bales of hay, listening to luscious guitar music. Hawkers form a ring around the area and serve yummies from grilled squid to stir fry.

It is truly a fabulous experience where you listen to original music and a bit of covers. I like how it’s not like a big music event filled with hipsters and kids in skinny jeans , but more like a community concert for friends and neighbours. The entire experience felt like a Stars Hollow episode where the town has a little fete. Anytime now, I expect to see a “Greg” cavorting half naked across the field, wearing an antelope mask. Meanwhile I sit here next to my “Luke” as we listen to the quiet and beautiful finger work that’s going on on stage.



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