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Orange and Soy-glazed Pork Ribs


I decided to be a little adventurous today and whip up something from Bon Appetite for dinner. I found Orange and Soy-Glazed Baby Back Ribs and the recipe looked easy enough so I cooked it. 2 hours of simmering later, I got what could have been a really delicious dish of pork ribs, except that I used too little meat, and there was too much sauce. It turned out a little saltier than expected. Lesson learnt!





Servings: Makes 4–6

3 1/2 pounds baby back pork ribs, cut between bones into individual ribs (18–20 ribs)
1 cup soy sauce, divided
9 garlic cloves, minced, divided
5 teaspoons cumin seeds, divided
3 teaspoons crushed red pepper flakes, divided
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
6 scallions (white and light-green parts separated from dark-green parts), finely chopped
1 1/2 cups fresh orange juice plus zest from 1 orange
3 tablespoons honey
Zest from 1 lemon and 1 lime

Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Chip Cookies for Mothers’ Day


I had a tub of Greek yoghurt asking to be finished so I dug around the Internet for a recipe. I’ve been eating Greek yoghurt regularly as it’s supposed to help my lactose intolerance by balancing the good bacteria in my tummy, and lately I read that that also helps eczema too. But sometimes that still leaves me with a lot of yoghurt in my fridge and recipes like Baker by Nature’s Chocolate Chip Cookies come in handy.


This is supposedly a healthier version of the chocolate chip cookie as not only does it use yoghurt, it also uses coconut oil as a replacement for butter. I didn’t have any coconut oil at home so I used melted butter instead. I also didn’t have any wheat flour so I just used 2 1/4 cups of all-purposed flour.

The lesson I learned from this cookie session is that melted butter (vs butter at room temperature) gives the cookie a denser cake-like finish. Also, as all-purpose flour absorbed water less than wheat flour does, I had to reduce the amount of yoghurt used in my version. I also reduced the amount of sugar here by 25%.


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Afternoon Tea at Tea Lounge, Regent Singapore


It’s been a year since I met my best friend, whom I affectionately call my Penguin, after we learnt that penguins mate for life, we decided then we shall be friends for life. Despite that, ever since she moved on to work in a different company, we rarely meet up due to our busy lives, hers more so than mine as she has two children to take care of. Even then, we never lose faith in our friendship, which is still strong after all these years. Hers is a friendship I treasure as she asks nothing of me and gives everything she can, a true unconditional friendship that is rare and beautiful.

Since we meet so briefly, that every time that we do, we spend hours catching up with each other. We took an afternoon off work and spent it hidden at the Regent Hotel for afternoon tea at the Tea Lounge. The afternoon tea, available on weekdays, comes with a three-tier tea set filled with 2 scones, 1 mushroom pastry, 1 chicken pastry, 1 cheese stick, an assortment of sweet pastries such as 1 lemon tart, 1 macaroon, 1 small slice of layered cake and 1 serving of pudding. There’s also a plate of 5 types of savoury sandwiches such as 1 mini cucumber sandwich, 1 mini salmon roll, 1 mini olive sandwich, 1 brown thing and 1 what looked like turkey ham sandwich. $50 is a lot to pay for this assortment so if you’re looking for afternoon tea options, the only perk of the Tea Lounge is that you can sit there for 5 hours. the downside is that they do not replenish the food at all.



The selection of tea was a little smaller than that of The Rose Verandah and Marriott’s English tea.


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The Snack Culture Company




I never would have discovered The Snack Culture Company (the name is too long for hashtags) if not for two things; seeing an Instagram photo on the account of littlemissbento, and walking past it when headed towards De Burg, located two units away. I read about their new degustation menu, only available from Thursday to Saturday, and we thought to check it out.

If you were to ask what SNCC (getting tired of typing the whole thing out) is about, I would simply say it’s fusion food. Its owner Tat Hong, or better known as Doc, however prefers to call it fun food. And it is fun to say the least, to discover how he imagines food traditionally prepared but in a different way, while others are a fusion of two or more styles together on a single platter. Each dish was a small cluster of ingredients carefully put together, and served with a little note to explain the style and inspiration behind it. You might expect something grandiose in each explanation, but Doc admitted some dishes were imagined on the spot, just minutes before the restaurant was to open.

My favourite dish has to be the re-imagined pig’s trotters with egg dish. It’s typically a braised pork stew with hard boiled egg cooked in vinegar sauce. Here at SNCC, they instead created the British scotch egg, which is quail’s egg wrapped with a layer of pork, deep fried, and then served with a dish of vinegar sauce. It tasted the same, yet different.

Aptly called, Around the World in Nine Dishes, this menu tries its best to infuse flavours of different cultures and cuisines together into nine distinctive dishes. I was quite impressed by how inventive some of the dishes were. Doc was very opened to suggestions and new ideas, clearly someone who is constantly crafting and refining his art.













The Snack Culture 

Address: #02-17, CT Hub, 2 Kallang Avenue, 339407
Tel: 6443 2006 Reservations Preferred

Cinnamon rolls


In celebration of the long weekend, I decided to make some cinnamon rolls. The recipe I found on Bon Appetite was Lemon rolls instead, but I didn’t have any soft cheese on hand so I decided to make do with what ingredients I have at home, and I have a lot of cinnamon powder.

I found this really easy cinnamon roll recipe Gimmesomeoven. I like the level of detail the writer went through in taking you through steps, which other recipes often gloss over. Such as preparing the butter and milk mixture beforehand so that there is no break in steps while you’re cooking, unlike other recipes who jump right into mixing the flour and sugar. It also gave very specific measurements like “mix the dough for 5 minutes”, so you have an idea of how thorough you have to be with each step.

The rolls came out perfect, expect that I really have to master drizzling the vanilla glace instead of just spooning it onto the rolls any old how. But after 2 weeks of failed bread manoeuvers, where they came out like rock,  I’m just glad the cinnamon rolls turn out fine! Happiness!