Gamer Bur finally finishes Mass Effect 1


i FINALLY finished this damn game. it’s simpler and easier to play than Dragonage but I bet I took twice as long to do it. you see the only times I have to play are close to zilch coz I spend most of my non-working hours either sleeping, or hanging out with people. I used to spend my weekends just being a total slob in front of the monitor and killing monsters but ever since Bryan A.D. I spend my times at his place with no access to my games.

the game mechanics are pretty simple. your character is given several missions with one end goal, to save the Universe. the choices you make in the game determines whether you’re a good person (Paragon) or bad (Renegade). from the character profile, you can choose to either charm or intimidate people around you to get what you want. being a goody two shoes, i chose Paragon of course, a lifetime (game-wise) of doing good deeds and making life-saving decisions. the game is a little like those Chose Your Own Adventure books from the 80s, of course back then, you can cheat where if you died, you just flip back a few pages and make another choice. on Mass Effect, we have what gamers call a GAME WALKTHROUGH, where other players have listed out the complete list of options you should go for for maximum points. of course that’s cheating but so is Save/Load game.

i chose a female Shepard, the main protagonist. but because this game is old, they didn’t include a screenshot function so i have no pictures of my cool character. instead i have to steal from the internet.

apparently your characters can have sex with each other, something that Dragonage was known for too. Perhaps Bioware, makers of both games, are run by jikopehs. anyway i totally missed it! apparently i wasn’t supposed to rush through the game completing missions but instead slack around, hang out with the crew and sleep around.

a parody of Mass Effect.

Popular culture references


I was washing my hands in the office toilet when I bumped into a colleague who was wearing a leather jacket. I commented twas cool and it’s like Grease like that. she started singing You’re The One That I Want… and we burst out laughing. I told her the story of how my boyfriend, who’s a secondary school teacher, was lamenting the other day that kids these days don’t get what he says. he was trying to educate them on world politics and he started using tactics and strategies and brought out names from Starcraft. All he got was a room full of blank faces. he was railing at how these kids don’t even know Starcraft when during his time, it was THE coolest thing to be associated to. I think only a geek would think an encyclopedic knowledge of a computer game is considered.. cool.

I asked him when was Starcraft launched and he said 1998. I asked him how old would his kids have been at that year and after doing the maths, he realised they were born in 1994 and they would have only been 4 years old when Starcraft was popular. I gave him the look but he insisted that Starcraft was so cool it should transcend all ages and eras. I didn’t want to remind him of the V thing I kept annoying him with (the popular V show of the 80s which he didn’t know about at all. We were all shocked but considering when V came out he was only 2 years old, I guess it was understandable… but STILL!)

so my colleague related her own story where she said “Hawaii 5-O” during a course and no one in the room got it and she was like WHAT?! and i immediately hummed deng deng deng deng DEENNGG DENNGGG and we both clapped happily. then she paused and asked, how old are you exactly?

when I told her my age she was shocked coz yes yes I don’t look my age but it really explained the Grease and Hawaii 5-O reference.

and the whole point of this story? to remind everyone I don’t look a day over 27 :)

Osia, Resorts World Sentosa


A group of ex-colleagues decided that it’s time to meet up again to celebrate belated birthdays and renew friendships. We used to be a tightly knit lunch team but like all things that change, people do move on to better, or worse, jobs. Since one of them was working at Resorts World Sentosa, he recommended this Australian restaurant called Osia for a get-together. Almost everyone turned up, which was a rare occasion. usually due to family or work commitments, the group was usually half strength.

the restaurant was pleasantly decorated in white with an open kitchen, where you can see chefs busily working at their stations. Upon arrival, they served us a great variety of bread covered with different spices; garlic, red spice, and an assortment I can’t remember. but the best bread in the basket was a plain foccacia bread that was so light and fluffy, it was the first to go.

Oysters served on some Seafood Ice Platter. disgusting colourless things. I don’t understand how people eat these things. It smells and tastes horrible. While Bryan was slurping them down in Melbourne, I said it had the smell of unwashed vaginas. You should have seen the look on his face. That begets the question; how did I know what did unwashed vaginas smell like eh? well I could ask the same of those who say “tastes like shit”.

A pleasant compliment to the oysters were these seafood shooters mixed with fruit concoctions. We didn’t know what we were eating. I guessed mine was shrimp with guava icey. the rest were a mix of salmon, tuna, squid and oyster with pineapple, orange, wheatgrass and apple I think.

They had 2 kinds of mains; the regular choice of fish, beef, lamb and so on, and the other was from the grill. I of course chose the grill, although the only difference I could tell from the grilled beef and the regular beef was that the regular beef came with sauce on it, while the grilled beef came with sauce on the side. The beef was not too bad, but after having had beef in Australia, my standards have been raised.

Grilled lamb. now this was fantastically good. the meat was very tender and tasty and at medium, it wasn’t too cooked nor undercooked. I’d go back to have this again.

Apparently we were supposed to try their insanely yummy chocolate dessert but we had a birthday cake instead. In Australia, when someone was celebrating their birthday, everyone in the restaurant sang along. Here, it was only our table and the one or two waiters who deigned to leave their workstations to partake in a little merrymaking with a table of strangers. Sadness.

Gamer Bur loves Steam


It’s the 4th of July sale on Steam! HUAT AH!

My credit card bill from Melbourne just arrived. I took one look at the final amount, calmly closed it while I reminded myself which 4D numbers to buy on Wednesday, and placed it aside. I then opened my Steam account and started placing orders for games on sale this weekend.

Steam is this program that allows you to buy games online. The one good thing about it is it tracks the games you’ve bought and consistently sends updates and such to your computer if there are any. If they figured out a way to store your saved games on their server, you can virtually play your games anywhere, which is good for me since I now shuttle between two homes. I was told that they are creating the next generation of cloud gaming; where your games are saved and sorta played online so in the future it won’t matter if you don’t have the fastest or latest gaming rig. People can play top-of-the-line games on a basic gaming system. That’s revolutionary I must say. however, the game play would then be dependent on your internet connection. Booey.

Sometimes I find myself caught between two worlds; that of a regular girl who loves her shoes and clothes and all things typically feminine. then there are the other times I find myself sitting sloppily at my desk sans make-up, hair clipped practically away from my face as I concentrate on killing the monster on my computer. I once told Bryan that my finances are managed as such: I spent money on bags and shoes, but I do sometimes buy the occasional violent game (no Bejewelled TYVM) and every three years, I update my gaming computer. However there are those who will say it’s not that tough balancing both worlds. The percentage of female gamers are progressively growing. While it’s still more common to see an all male group pounding away at their keyboards to some unseen force, I game with a bunch of girls and when we do meet up in real life, we do invariably talk about the dragon killing tactics or the beautiful graphics of said game.

When I bought my current 22″ screen LCD monitor, I freaked out to Richard, “where am I going to put my make-up with this thing on my table?”
To which he calmly replied, “you don’t need make-up when you’re on World of Warcraft.”

That statement wins.

Somewhere in Melbourne


One would never think it but Melbourne can be really pretty.

We met Matthew that day for lunch. he brought us down little streets and showed us around. having lived in Melbourne for 10 years, he took us to some of his favourite haunts and coffee places. Being a photographer-hobbyist himself, he pointed out good shots here and there. Here’s one of the most photographed street in Melbourne, a little alley covered with graffiti and imagination.

Another street lined with little cafes, coffee joints and sandwich makers.

Flinders Station. Matthew said that we were really lucky that day coz the sun came out.

Matthew is someone I met when I first started playing World of Warcraft. Our little guild of 7 Singaporeans wandered into this larger guild of Australians and Americans and Matthew was part of the Australian group, made up mostly of university friends and co-workers. We drifted apart when the guild went separate ways. A year later, he contacted me as he was going to be in Singapore for holidays. Since it was Christmas, I invited him to my friend’s Christmas dinner and he met the rest of the Singaporeans in the guild. Almost 2 years later, thanks to Facebook, I manage to get a hold of him and here we are in Melbourne.

We walked along Southbank. Took us 2 hours. that’s what happens when you have 2 blokes, each armed with a camera and a sky full of sunshine.

I like this picture a lot.

We stopped at Transport Bar at Federation Square for a drink. or five.

Hello Boyfriend!

Seriously. Matthew is MY friend. I dunno how by the end of the day, he and Bryan managed to gang up on me. Bryan actually took that picture straight faced. Pfft.