Osia, Resorts World Sentosa


A group of ex-colleagues decided that it’s time to meet up again to celebrate belated birthdays and renew friendships. We used to be a tightly knit lunch team but like all things that change, people do move on to better, or worse, jobs. Since one of them was working at Resorts World Sentosa, he recommended this Australian restaurant called Osia for a get-together. Almost everyone turned up, which was a rare occasion. usually due to family or work commitments, the group was usually half strength.

the restaurant was pleasantly decorated in white with an open kitchen, where you can see chefs busily working at their stations. Upon arrival, they served us a great variety of bread covered with different spices; garlic, red spice, and an assortment I can’t remember. but the best bread in the basket was a plain foccacia bread that was so light and fluffy, it was the first to go.

Oysters served on some Seafood Ice Platter. disgusting colourless things. I don’t understand how people eat these things. It smells and tastes horrible. While Bryan was slurping them down in Melbourne, I said it had the smell of unwashed vaginas. You should have seen the look on his face. That begets the question; how did I know what did unwashed vaginas smell like eh? well I could ask the same of those who say “tastes like shit”.

A pleasant compliment to the oysters were these seafood shooters mixed with fruit concoctions. We didn’t know what we were eating. I guessed mine was shrimp with guava icey. the rest were a mix of salmon, tuna, squid and oyster with pineapple, orange, wheatgrass and apple I think.

They had 2 kinds of mains; the regular choice of fish, beef, lamb and so on, and the other was from the grill. I of course chose the grill, although the only difference I could tell from the grilled beef and the regular beef was that the regular beef came with sauce on it, while the grilled beef came with sauce on the side. The beef was not too bad, but after having had beef in Australia, my standards have been raised.

Grilled lamb. now this was fantastically good. the meat was very tender and tasty and at medium, it wasn’t too cooked nor undercooked. I’d go back to have this again.

Apparently we were supposed to try their insanely yummy chocolate dessert but we had a birthday cake instead. In Australia, when someone was celebrating their birthday, everyone in the restaurant sang along. Here, it was only our table and the one or two waiters who deigned to leave their workstations to partake in a little merrymaking with a table of strangers. Sadness.

Gamer Bur loves Steam


It’s the 4th of July sale on Steam! HUAT AH!

My credit card bill from Melbourne just arrived. I took one look at the final amount, calmly closed it while I reminded myself which 4D numbers to buy on Wednesday, and placed it aside. I then opened my Steam account and started placing orders for games on sale this weekend.

Steam is this program that allows you to buy games online. The one good thing about it is it tracks the games you’ve bought and consistently sends updates and such to your computer if there are any. If they figured out a way to store your saved games on their server, you can virtually play your games anywhere, which is good for me since I now shuttle between two homes. I was told that they are creating the next generation of cloud gaming; where your games are saved and sorta played online so in the future it won’t matter if you don’t have the fastest or latest gaming rig. People can play top-of-the-line games on a basic gaming system. That’s revolutionary I must say. however, the game play would then be dependent on your internet connection. Booey.

Sometimes I find myself caught between two worlds; that of a regular girl who loves her shoes and clothes and all things typically feminine. then there are the other times I find myself sitting sloppily at my desk sans make-up, hair clipped practically away from my face as I concentrate on killing the monster on my computer. I once told Bryan that my finances are managed as such: I spent money on bags and shoes, but I do sometimes buy the occasional violent game (no Bejewelled TYVM) and every three years, I update my gaming computer. However there are those who will say it’s not that tough balancing both worlds. The percentage of female gamers are progressively growing. While it’s still more common to see an all male group pounding away at their keyboards to some unseen force, I game with a bunch of girls and when we do meet up in real life, we do invariably talk about the dragon killing tactics or the beautiful graphics of said game.

When I bought my current 22″ screen LCD monitor, I freaked out to Richard, “where am I going to put my make-up with this thing on my table?”
To which he calmly replied, “you don’t need make-up when you’re on World of Warcraft.”

That statement wins.

Somewhere in Melbourne


One would never think it but Melbourne can be really pretty.

We met Matthew that day for lunch. he brought us down little streets and showed us around. having lived in Melbourne for 10 years, he took us to some of his favourite haunts and coffee places. Being a photographer-hobbyist himself, he pointed out good shots here and there. Here’s one of the most photographed street in Melbourne, a little alley covered with graffiti and imagination.

Another street lined with little cafes, coffee joints and sandwich makers.

Flinders Station. Matthew said that we were really lucky that day coz the sun came out.

Matthew is someone I met when I first started playing World of Warcraft. Our little guild of 7 Singaporeans wandered into this larger guild of Australians and Americans and Matthew was part of the Australian group, made up mostly of university friends and co-workers. We drifted apart when the guild went separate ways. A year later, he contacted me as he was going to be in Singapore for holidays. Since it was Christmas, I invited him to my friend’s Christmas dinner and he met the rest of the Singaporeans in the guild. Almost 2 years later, thanks to Facebook, I manage to get a hold of him and here we are in Melbourne.

We walked along Southbank. Took us 2 hours. that’s what happens when you have 2 blokes, each armed with a camera and a sky full of sunshine.

I like this picture a lot.

We stopped at Transport Bar at Federation Square for a drink. or five.

Hello Boyfriend!

Seriously. Matthew is MY friend. I dunno how by the end of the day, he and Bryan managed to gang up on me. Bryan actually took that picture straight faced. Pfft.

Tubby Burbur


So I gained a little weight since I came back from Melbourne. Evie and I were discussing the phenomenon where we both went through this fat phase every time we return from Australia. I’m not sure if it’s the water there or they throw in an extra serving of lard when they see skinny Asian girls order, but I always come back looking a little tubbier than I had left.

I come back from Tokyo and New York with overweight baggage in my suitcase. Australia? it’s all around my waist. and arms. and face.

At first I tried to ignore it when my colleague pointed it out to me. However, when my mom started poking at my flabby arms, I thought it was time to do something about it. A friend recommended that i used Elancyl’s slimming cream. She nagged that when I hit 30, i should take extra care of myself. she said she’s been using the cream for years and it works. Looking at her, a petite lady only a finger’s width taller than I was, mother of 2 kids but with such a svelte body, I decided to take her advice.

So I obediently trooped down to a pharmacy to check out this slimming cream. when i got there, i was bewildered by the range they had there. I rang her up to ask for specifics which she rattled on to me… 24-hour cream for legs, thighs and buttocks but I’m sure you can use it everywhere. I do. and in the midst of all that, she said the most important thing:

“I’ve been using it since my FIRST CHILD.

I paused. first child? she’s been using it since her first child? no wonder she had to use it lah! she had a reason to use it! what reason did I have? huh? my first what? what did I give birth to that gave me sagging fats? what hormones changed me so drastically that I have dimpled thighs if I pressed them really hard against my chair?

but of course vanity won over common sense. I bought the cream in the end and have been religiously slathering it nightly for two nights. except that after I massage it onto my thighs and butt, it all gets smeared over the chair I’m sitting on. so my nice faux leather chair is getting moisturised by a really expensive cream.

Sigh. the price of vanity.

Kerri’s Bachelorette Party


we gatecrashed a friend’s friend’s bachelorette party last night. they were lounging at a yet to be opened bar at Clarke Quay called Beer Market, where the restaurant above Shanghai Dolly used to be. the unique thing at this bar is that the prices of the beer fluctuated according to demand and supply of beer at that place for the week. since they weren’t open to public yet, there wasn’t much activity on the market.

the girls were deciding whether to carry on the party somewhere else or not when the owners of the bar came up to her one by one. one of them even offered to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate her last few days of singlehood. in the midst of toasting, the girls requested for them to play Apple Bottom Jeans. the guys looked at us puzzledly so they started rapping the song while clapping their hands:

apple bottom jeans (jeans)
boots with the fur (with the fur)
the whole club was lookin at her
she hit the flo (she hit the flo)
next thing u kno
shawty got low low low low low low low low
them baggy sweat pants
and the reeboxs with the straps (with the straps)
she turned around and gave that big booty a slap (heeeey)
she hit the flo (she hit the flo)
next thing u kno
shawty got low low low low low low low low

immediately everyone had the OHHH look on their faces, even the waitress who was trying to help us remember the title of this song. the owners offered to sacrifice their friends to do the bride a lapdance with that song. they managed to drag this guy into the party and he was rather sporting about it. he commented outloud to his female friend that the bride has big boobs and stuck a wad of notes down her cleavage. when she protested that it was only $12, he whipped out his credit card and tried to swipe it. we were all bent over with laughter at the sheer silliness of it. later on, she got dragged on stage and the tomfoolery continued. the boys attempted a badly choreographed lapdance but one had to applaud their efforts, considering they were making a fool of themselves with a bride they never met before today. elsewhere, the USA vs Ghana match was starting but no one cared, except for this one table of 3 girls who were apparently rather upset that the projector tv was turned off for just 5 minutes while the lapdancing was going on. she shouted, “WE WANT TO WATCH THE MATCH LAH!” to which someone from the front turned around and politely told her, “there are other tvs in this pub, you can look at those first?” to which she quietly grumbled against. it’s amazing how unsporting some Singaporeans are.

many many rounds of drinks exchanged between both groups to celebrate the newfound friendship. i was dragged off to join them and was almost coerced into a round of flaming drinks when we realised the bride had collapsed onto one of the couches with puke all over herself. she had passed out unceremoniously in a corner with the night’s dinner bubbling out of her uncontrollably. they were trying to hold her up so she could puke into a bin rather than all over her right shoulder. and if that weren’t enough drama, one of the girl’s cousins who suffer from low blood pressure and almost passed out at another club, suddenly started gasping for breath and shaking very badly. her limbs went numb and she looked like she was going into shock. those around her started rubbing her fingers furiously. the waitress offered to lend her her inhaler, thinking that it was an asthma attack but the gasping girl waved no. she begged for a paper bag and started breathing heavily into it. moments later, her breathing calmed down and she was talking animatedly again.

when it seemed like everything had settled down, Bry bravely offered to carry the passed out bride out of the bar to the cab. while i ran ahead to clear the way, he lifted the girl and cursed, “sweet fuck!” apparently, he had underestimated her weight and his shoulders almost popped out of his sockets. midway through, he rested her on a table while he panted. i ran down a flight of stairs while the other girls tried to help him. i flagged a cab down and the cabbie panicked when he saw that we were carrying a concussed girl out. he shouted at us not to leave her in the cab, and we reassured him that we were accompanying her. which idiot would dump their friend in a cab on their own?

surprisingly lot of drama for one night. i think drama follows my friend around. all her parties seem to turn out this way. we should hang out more often!