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The toddler and his wants


This morning. He woke up crying.

“Mommy go outside! Bread!”

So we went out and got him bread. He took 2 bites and threw it on the floor.


Do you want milk?


I took out the milk anyway. Are you sure?


So I heated up the milk, put it in his bottle and gave it to him. He laid on the beanbag and drank 3/4 of it.

5 minutes later, “more milk!”

But you haven’t finished it.

“More!” Starts wailing.

So I pretended to pour more milk.

“No! No!” Does a raspberry. What new habit is this.

Ok fine fine. So I actually heated up another 50ml of milk and added it to the 1/4 he didn’t finish. I offered it to him.

“No!” Starts wailing.

I gave him water instead. No!

I ignored him and made my own sandwich. He pointed at it and said “bread!”

So I gave him a slice of bread. “No!” He pointed at mine.

Oh so you want butter and kaya?


So I spread a thin layer of butter and kaya for him. I folded the slice into half and gave it to him.


I look at the ceiling.

“Honey stars!”

Where the hell do I find honey stars! We don’t eat honey stars in this home!

Starts wailing.

How about banana nut crunch?

“No banana!”

Opens the cereal box anyway. Pours a little into his bowl. Offers it to him.

He takes one and looks at it. “Eee dirty!”

Just put it in your mouth and eat it. I walk away.

He follows me and sits at my foot and starts eating his dry cereal. It’s sweet enough to keep him happy. Silence descends on our household once again.

It’s only 849am.