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Mom life


The minute I got home, a long list of things to do popped up in my head. 

  • Sweep kitchen floor of stray litter 
  • Unpack pump bag
  • Put breastmilk in fridge
  • Keep ice pack
  • Unpack cooler box
  • Pack frozen fish 
  • Pack vegetables in fridge 
  • Charge breast pump
  • Bathe and dress child
  • Play Elmo’s world for child while I poop 
  • Read the Gruffalo
  • Feed child milk
  • Sit with child for an hour until he falls asleep
  • Try not to fall asleep while sitting in darkness
  • Child asleep. Cut his nails. 
  • Put him gently in cot
  • Wash cat bowls
  • Wash child’s food container 
  • Clean cat litter tray
  • Throw trash out at rubbish chute
  • Go back to car to carry the rest of the bags up. That’s one duffel bag, 2 shopping bags and 3 grocery bags
  • Unpack grocery bags
  • Fold grocery bags
  • Wash and sterilize milk bottles and flanges
  • Unpack duffel bag, toss everything into laundry basket
  • Pack child’s school bag for Monday 
  • Pack child’s clothes for Tuesday to Friday
  • Pack child’s clothes for overnight stay at grandparents tomorrow 
  • Pack my work bag
  • Pack a new pack of breastmilk bags in pump bag
  • Open new milk bottle teats 
  • Prepare 2 bottles of milk for child’s school tomorrow 
  • Bathe
  • Take cough syrup 
  • Try to put eye drops in child’s eye while child is sleeping face down. Mentally curse PD and her stupid suggestion 
  • Climb into bed

By the time I was done, there’s was no time for myself. Time to sleep! Another day awaits!

  • Realise humidifier turned itself off coz there’s no water. Get out of bed to top up humidifier
  • Climb back into bed
  • Child wakes up crying. But of course.