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Baby first hair cut


For most (Chinese) babies, their first hair cut occurs really early, sometimes almost a month or two after they are born. It is believed that if you were to cut off the fine baby hair early, it will encourage a thicker regrowth of hair. Liam was born with very little hair, something he probably inherited from his father. Not only is his hair sparse, he has a widow’s peak and a bald patch at the back, which his paediatrician said was normal of babies who slept on their backs.

So I let his hair grow and over time, his thin hair was long enough to cover his bald spot. But recently, his hair was starting to reach his eyes and tickle his ears. I thought it was a good time to get hair hair cut before he officially graduates from infant class in his preschool.

I was told that the first cut is important as you don’t want it to be a traumatic experience that leaves a life long memory. Or at least for as long as he’s a toddler. So we went to the newly opened K-cuts at Thomson Plaza as they had 2 seats with kiddy rides that would help distract the child for as long as necessary.

I also tried to prepare Liam by showing him what happens when he’s getting his hair cut by describing what was happening to the 2 boys before him. I then make the buzzing sound of a shaver as I was told this is usually what freaks children out.

Little did I know, the shaver was the least of my worries.

The hairdresser was a little apprehensive when I said it was Liam’s first cut but promised to do his best. Liam was excited to get into the car ride and immediately took to turning the wheel and pressing all the buttons. But that all changed when the hairdresser put the hair bib around him. Liam didn’t like having the plastic sheet cover him so he threw it off. Then he threw off the towel wrapped around his neck. We were left with no choice but to cut his hair without any cover.

The start was okay then he got fidgety, so I whipped out my phone and entertained Liam with Elmo’s World. That worked for a good 4 minutes until his fine hair started flying and landed all over his neck, arms and face. He freaked out at the hair tickling him and started bouncing up and down in his seat. To the hairdresser’s credit he persisted as best as he could. In the end I had to hold Liam’s head firmly while he cried at the injustice of it all. My poor baby!

In the end, he was howling to be carried so I lifted him from the seat and he clung to me firmly. I thanked the hairdresser and apologised profusely for the drama. Liam looked up and shot the hairdresser a cheeky smile. Drama’s over, it seems.

So a tip to all mothers who are going to send their boys for a hair cut, here are a few tips to look out for:

  • Some of them are afraid of the buzz the shaver makes
  • Some of them don’t like to be covered with the plastic cloth. Prepare a smaller handkerchief or face towel instead, to at least keep the hair off their neck.
  • Some of them hate having the hair land on their skin. Liam’s hair was so fine it kinda flew and landed in his mouth coz he was busy wailing. I think that was what did him in.
  • Bring an extra tshirt for moments like this.

Perhaps the next time we cut his hair, we need to suck his flyaway hair while it’s being cut, the way a surgeon asks for suction during an operation.