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Review of Smiggle school bag


If you ever have to buy a school bag for your toddler, don’t get a Smiggle bag.

When we were hunting for a trolley bag for Liam, we had very few choices for someone his size. When he transferred from infant care to play group class (18 months and above), we wanted him to be independent and carry his own bag to school, or at least pull it along behind him. It had to be fairly sizeable because his bag had to hold 2 changes of clothes, towel, bedsheet, swaddle cloth or blanket, sweater, 4 pieces of diapers, but not too big that it would fall on him.

So we bought a Smiggle. Except for the occasional incident where it falls on its face and I had to pick it up for him, it was treated fairly well. In fact I spent most part carrying it for him because the novelty of a new bag soon wore off, and he was going through a rough 4 weeks adapting to his new class and routine, I found myself carrying both child and bag sometimes. 2 months after we bought the bag, this is the state of it.

The whole in the front pocket was an inch wide 3 weeks ago. Now it’s twice the size.

This morning while packing his bag for school, his zip fell off.

I could probably ninja a new zip but really, for a bag this expensive ($40? $50?), it really shouldn’t be this crappy.

If anyone has suggestions for a trolley bag suitable for a 20 month old about 80cm in height, do let me know!